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So you think you know the Bible well enough to take our second Bible Genius level Bible quiz? Have a go at it then, and good luck! This quiz is composed of questions from the "Amazing Book of Bible Trivia" (ABBT) by Bob Phillips. All Q's and A's taken from the KJV.

1) What does the word Ebenezer mean?

2) When Aaron's rod blossomed, what type of nuts did it yield?

3) What was the name of the man who had his head cut off and thrown over a wall to Joab?

A) Simeon B) Shalom C) Shechem D) Sheba F) Shefo

4) How many proverbs is King Solomon credited in knowing?

A) 500 B) 777 C) 2,000 D) 3,000 E) 3,177 F) None

5) During what event in the Bible did dove manure sell for food?

****<<<<<<<----****ANSWERS BELOW****---->>>>>>>****

1) The Lord helped us. 1Samuel 7:12

2) Almonds. Numbers 17:8

3) Sheba. 2Samuel 20:14-22

4) 3,000. 1Kings 4:30, 32

5) During the famine in Samaria. 2Kings 6:25

How did you do?

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