From the mouths of the translators (of the NIV NKJV)

From the mouths of the translators (of the NIV NKJV)

There is a book called "Selecting a Translation of the Bible" written by Lewis Foster (the man who helped translate the NIV and NKJV).  In his book there are some disturbing things that show us the mindset of the translators of these false translations.  Just to show you an example:

In a section titled "How to make a Bible Translation" Foster says "In this day of specialists, it is difficult to find individuals adept in knowledge of the Bible, knowledge of the Greek or Hebrew, and use of the English language. To be safe, the work of the Biblical scholars should be submitted for further refinement by an expert in English. Grammatical slips, awkward phrases, ambiguous expressions, unnecessary words, offensive terms - all tend to clutter the translation of God's Word.  Help can also be found in another direction. After all the experts have done their work, still one cannot be sure what the reaction will be from the average reader. It is helpful to know what he appreciates and what he finds objectionable, troublesome, or lacking," (Foster, p19).

So let's just put what Mr. Foster said into perspective, (remember, this is the man who translated the NIV and NKJV)! Not only does he believe that God wasn't smart enough to know grammar (obviously God needs an English lesson), but he also believes in not putting anything into the Bible that people find objectionable, troublesome, or lacking! 

Looking through the eyes of an average athiest for just a second here, what would we see?  "Oh, that whole Bible is objectionable!  I'm offended!  I don't like what it says, it's troublesome to me and lacking all common sense!"  Therefore Mr. Foster would be in need to change everything in the Bible from the original... this leaves him free to change anything he wants to whatever views he sees fit, whether or not they are consistent with God's word or not.  When you read the NIV or NKJV then, you are reading Mr. Foster's views and opinions on what he thinks should be and should not be in the Bible, rather than reading God's Word.  This is something serious seeker's of God's Word should consider then when choosing a Bible.  Do you want the whole, unedited, unadulterated word of God?  Or do you want the views of a translater like Lewis Foster?  

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