The Chronology of Jesus Christ

4 BC
Jesus is Born

AD 8
Jesus in Temple

AD 26
Jesus Baptized
Jesus Tempted by Satan
Jesus' first miracle

AD 27
Jesus and Nicodemus
Jesus talks to the Samaratan Woman
Jesus heals the nobleman's son
The fishermen follow Jesus
Matthew decides to follow Jesus

AD 28
Jesus chooses his 12 disciples
Jesus preaches the sermon on the mount
Jesus travels through Galilee
Jesus tells parables about the kingdom
Jairus' daughter returned to live by Jesus
Jesus sends his disciples to preach and heal
John the Baptist is killed by Herod

Spring AD 29
Jesus feeds 5,000 men
Jesus walks on water

Fall AD 29
Jesus feeds 4,000 men
Jesus predicts His death
Jesus is transfigured
Jesus pays His temple tax

October AD 29
Jesus attends the feast of the tabernacles

Winter AD 29
Jesus returns Lazarus to life

Sunday AD 30
The Triumphal entry

Monday AD 30
Jesus cleanses the temple

Tuesday AD 30
Authority of Jesus questioned

Wednesday AD 30
Plot against Jesus

Thursday AD 30
The last supper

Friday AD 30
Jesus' trial
Jesus' crucifixion
The burial of Jesus

Sunday AD 30
Jesus rises from the dead
Jesus appears to the 10 disciples

The next week AD 30
Jesus appears to 500 people

AD 30 (40 days after the resurrection)
Jesus ascends to Heaven

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