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ஒபதியா தமிழ் விளக்கஉரை 

Obadiah Outline

1. Edom's Fall (Ob 1:1-9)
I.) The humiliation of Edom [OR] The Coming Judgment on Edom [OR] Edom Will Be Humbled [OR] Proud Edom Will Be Brought Low [OR] The destruction of Edom (Ob 1:1)
A.) For Their Pride (Ob 1:3)
B.) Pillage And Slaughter Will Repay Edom's Cruelty [OR] Edom Mistreated His Brother [OR] And For Their Wrongs (Ob 1:5)
2. Why Edom Will Be Destroyed (Ob 1:10-14)
I.) The great sin of Edom (Ob 1:10) )
3. The Day of the LORD (Ob 1:15-21)
I.) Edom in the day of the Lord [OR] The Day of the Lord and the Future [OR] Israel's Final Triumph [OR] The salvation and victory of Jacob (Ob 1:15)
II.) Edom to be included in the kingdom (Ob 1:17)
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