Pastor Tu Thomas Messages collections 5

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  1. Glory to God

    I had previllage to insist regarding late Shepherd Pastor T.U.Thomas (Late Chief Pastorate of Pentecostal Mission)he is Man of God,Zeal of Pentecostalism (not only the mission but in the whole mission of the Gods Assembeliate)

    he is the person he who lived as like The priesthood of Aaron and Disciplehoodiate of Joshua, Pastor T.U.Thomas is the Personate of Eternal Pasturate non like him in the pentecostal and out of pentecostal atmosphere,he is the star of Unity,
    Almost he only not preached christlikeness but he react as the Christlikeness Follow the Pastor T.U.Thomas then the life track is not the miserable in the Christian life path so I recommend everyone of the human traces must follows this saint,there are countless and countless of merrit to I to hoist regarding him but I not able to elaborate everything in this site so I conclude this Articulate regarding this Man of God and Angel of God (Iam the Believer and Full time worker of ACA Mission which its found up by Late Apostle G.Sundaram and in the Presidenciate of Shepherd Pastor M.K.Sam Sundaram)

    So Follow the Parternate of Bishop T.U.Thomas of Heavenly King dom Glory to God for this Wonderfull Saint..............

  2. Certainly Pas.T.U. Thomas is a man of God. Yet he dies, he still speaks...His life is a role model to many saints..his message is encouraging to many believers....he resembles the Christlikness. Many times, when i am depressed..m i go through his messages..really awesome..i can surely say..he is a man of God...He got a great revelation of Christ and much zealous of purity in character and of Zion..By beloved brother and sisters, plz take his life as an example and lead till the very end..

  3. praise to lord.pastor t u thomas is really an insipiration in my life